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H.A. Tabary


Marcel Damiens and H.A. Tabary

A family owned business headquartered in the New Orleans, LA., area, DFI represents four generations of service and dedication to the food industry.


Diversified Foods Inc.’s nutritious and convenient dairy products are woven into the fabric of daily lives across the United States and well beyond. Our Pantry Fresh, shelf-stable milk is real milk that remains fresh, without refrigeration, for up to 12 months.

Our roots go back to 1948, when H.A. Tabary founded a company primarily as a rice trading and export business. 

When Mr. Tabary retired in 1974, the family business was passed on to his son-in-law, Marcel J. Damiens, who then expanded the business by incorporating rice packaging and commodity trading segments.

In 1989, Mr. Damiens’ children, Tab and Michelle, took the helm of Diversified Foods, Inc., leading their family business in a new and progressing worldwide food market. Now, 72 years after Mr. Tabary sold his first bag of rice, the pair - along with nephew and CEO Thomas d’Hemecourt - continue to adapt the business to meet the demands of the globally changing business world.

DFI continues to expand its ability to service a broader segment of the food business both domestically and internationally. This includes a nationwide retail and foodservice sales team, which is supported by distribution centers throughout the U.S. 

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Margaret and Marcel Damiens


Tab Damiens


New Orleans Magazine, 2012


Through effective, quality leadership, we strive to be the very best, both as individuals and as a company. We take pride in our work, build trusting partnerships with co-workers, customers and vendors, offer quality products and services at fair prices, maintain open and effective communications, conduct ourselves professionally and with the highest degree of integrity.

Tab Damiens 


Michelle Hennessey



Thomas D'hemecourt 


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