It’s 100% real nutritious milk - no preservatives.


It’s special because the milk is pasteurized at

a higher temperature and packaged in sterile cartons, allowing it to remain in your pantry

for up to 12 months and still taste delicious.

There’s no need for refrigeration until you’re

ready to drink or after the carton is opened.



Pantry Fresh milk is so convenient! Perfect for schools, sports teams, foodbanks, hospitals, senior centers, non-profits and busy families.

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marcel's© Kinera Chocolate Milk

We developed Kinera specifically for athletes - from T-ballers to the pros.
This Pantry Fresh, shelf-stable, lactose-free, reduced-fat, chocolate milk is packed with protein and has the perfect carb-to-protein ratio to help you refuel, repair and rehydrate after strenuous exercise.
For more info about marcel's© Kinera Chocolate Milk, contact:
DFI Director of Sales: Sean Steichen
(651) 895-5311
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