Borden Shelf Stable UHT Milk FAQ's
  • Borden® UHT Shelf Stable Milk products use only premium quality liquid grade A milks and space age aseptic packaging. The result produces a milk that requires no refrigeration until opened and extended shelf life.
  • UHT stands for Ultra High Temperature and refers to the method of pasteurization. This unique thermo process uses a much higher than normal pasteurization temperature, modifies the length of time the milk is held at that temperature, and then cools the milk (all in a continuously pressurized environment) before it is stored in an aseptic package. The elevated temperature destroys all pathogenic and spoilage bacteria and the packaging hermetically seals the milk to retain freshness. This results in a shelf stable, extended life, no refrigeration needed milk that does not contain (or require) any preservatives.
  • Aseptic packaging the milk assures it is free of bacteria and hermetically seals it (air tight) thus eliminating the bacteria, air and light which will cause milk to sour. Whether in cartons or bags the foil lined aseptic packaging assures your milk is free of contaminates that rob shelf life
  • Shelf Stable, Aseptic packaged UHT Milk has a usable shelf life of several months and can be stored at room temperatures. A 'best if used by' date is included on every package as with other shelf stable products.
  • Once the package is opened UHT Milk reacts like regular milk and must be refrigerated.
  • UHT Shelf Stable Milk is real milk. It tastes great and provides the same basic nutritional values of regular milk. Use it exactly the same as you would any other milk in your recipes.
Same Milk. Different Process.
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Borden® Shelf Stable UHT Milk
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