Borden Brand - Elsie
Naturally Produced
Artificial Hormones*
Borden® shelf stable milk products are naturally produced without artificial hormones from cows not treated with rbST. Recombinant bovine somatotropin rbST (also known as recombinant bovine growth hormone rbGH) is a genetically engineered version of a natural growth hormone found in cattle that increases milk output from cows.

As the furor over the use of rbST continues you can rest assured knowing Borden has mandated their farms are certified "rbST free" and that Borden® products are from cows not treated with the rbST growth hormone.
*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated cows and non rbST treated cows.
In addition to superior quality Borden® Brand Products have incredible brand recognition with Elsie the cow on the label:
“Elsie is named to the top ten list of icons of the 20th century. Nine out of ten people in America recognize her.”
(Source: 2000 Advertising Age)
Since 1939, Elsie has been more than just the “spokes-cow” of Borden® brand dairy products. She stands for excellence in the dairy business. To the public she is a time-honored symbol of taste, trust, and tradition. Experience the Borden® brand difference!
Elsie's interesting facts:
  • 1939 - Borden's Dairy puts on an exhibition at the World's Fair featuring 150 cows and becomes the number one attraction. The first Elsie was actually named Lobelia.
  • After the World's Fair Elsie stars in a Hollywood movie as 'Buttercup' in the film 'Little Men'. Unfortunately she dies in an auto accident in 1941. She was the first of 29 Elsie spokes-cows to date.
  • During World War II Elsie helped raise 10 million dollars in war bonds.
  • Elsie has received the keys to more than 200 cities. She travels almost 1/4 million miles and meets more than 11 million people per year!
Source: Food Network Top 5 Advertising
Milestones of Milk History in the United States: Borden
  • 1856 - Gail Borden received first patent on condensed milk from both the United States and England.
  • 1857 - First successful condensery built by Gail Borden in Burrville, Connecticut.
Milestones of Milk History in the United States: UHT
  • 1948 - UHT milk (Ultra High Temperature) pasteurization was introduced.
  • 1981 - UHT milk gains national recognition.
Source: International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA)
More on Gail Borden: (click on the link below)
Gail Borden - Father of the Modern Dairy Industry
Source: L. M. Fanning from 'People Who Made America Great'
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